The Beginning


Football was becoming more and more organised around this year, and for the first time we see some evidence of a League or Association. Regular matches were played and teams played each other twice. There is no mention of a premiership or an actual winner.

The teams of 1892 were Warragul, Pakenham, Berwick, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Ferntree Gully and Melbourne Letter Carriers.

Here is a brief outline of the formation of the Pakenham football Club in 1892.

General Meeting to form the Pakenham Football Club.

On the 16th of March 1892 a meeting was held at the Gembrook Hotel to form the Pakenham Football Club. Mr Johnson was voted to chair the meeting. Mr Pennington said that he had convened the meeting at the request of several gentlemen, but he wished to point out that the Club they were about to form had no connection whatever with that of last year’s club.

He knew that there was a credit balance from last year’s Balance Sheet, but unfortunately the Secretary along with the books of the club had vanished like a beautiful dream. He also believed that that some small accounts were still outstanding. However, he trusted that he would be able to bring this year’s club out more successfully (Hear Hear) and out at the end of the Season. He hoped he would be able to produce to his committee a Balance Sheet that they would be only too glad to publish (Prolonged Cheering).

There were several motions then proposed by various members with the Chairman summing up two or three together, causing many objections and a great deal of disorder.

The Office Bearers for the ensuring season were elected as follows.

Chairman- Mr Johnson.
Patrons-Mr J.W.D. Robinson and Mr D. Bourke.
Secretary/Treasurer- Mr E. Pennington.
General Committee-Messrs Woods, Dillon, Ward, Colvin, Deveney (2), Paternoster, Dore and Bedford.
Match Committee-Messrs J.Dillon, J.Woods and P.Deveney.

It was agreed to elect a Captain on the ground at each match. The Meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the Chairman.